CRG Networks and the Cochrane Community: Working better together

CRG Networks and the Cochrane Community: Working better together

At its meeting in Cape Town, in September 2017, Cochrane’s Governing Board approved the Cochrane Review Group (CRG) Transformation Programme Implementation Plan. This plan sets out the changes we will be making to ensure Cochrane addresses the challenges it faces in relation to the production of a comprehensive collection of timely, high-quality Cochrane Reviews, relevant to our stakeholders.

Within the first three months of 2018, we have seen the formation of our eight thematic CRG Networks, which will comprehensively cover all healthcare topics. The new CRG Networks provide an opportunity to optimize resources, support and leadership.

During the 2018 Governance Meeting is Lisbon, we will host a Community Strategic Session. The session welcomes the Cochrane community to come together and discuss key objectives for CRG Networks in 2018, focusing on priority-setting; improving consistency in review quality; innovations; and support and mentoring for authors, CRGs, and Networks. The session will be a genuine opportunity to influence the decisions and direction taken for the Networks in 2018.

Following the Governance Meetings, there will be a series of CRG Network webinars with an invitation to the wider community to ensure that all Cochrane's contributors are aware of the plans for 2018.


David Tovey and Karla Soares-Weiser
Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor in Chief
Cochrane Editorial & Methods Department

February 26, 2018