Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor in Chief present to international journalists as part of Wiley Science Talks

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Cochrane Library Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor in Chief, Karla Soares-Weiser and Toby Lasserson, presented to a large group of international journalists as part of the Wiley Science Talks webinar series on April 27. This webinar series, supported by the World Federation of Science Journalists and the Association of Health Care Journalists, provides educational webinars for journalists around the world.

Image of Karla Soares-Weiser and Toby Lasserson

Karla and Toby’s presentation, entitled “Understanding Health Evidence—A COVID-19 Case Study” introduced webinar participants to Cochrane, explained what systematic reviews are, and shared what makes Cochrane Systematic Reviews unique. They then presented an overview of Cochrane’s response to COVID-19 and shared a case study focusing on the quarantine rapid review, published earlier in April. Using this review, they showed journalists what conclusions could be drawn from the study, how a well-written article about the review could be constructed, and the importance of keeping study results in context.

Seventy-six journalists from around the world tuned in and engaged with the webinar. An active Q&A was held for nearly 20 minutes at the end of the webinar, with journalists interested in Cochrane’s work on COVID-19, international recommendations for the coronavirus pandemic based on systematic reviews, as well as about the methods and logistics involved in producing systematic and rapid reviews.

The full webinar was recorded and is available on Wiley YouTube:

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29 April 2020