Five ways to use the Cochrane KT Online Learning Module

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The KT online learning module is freely accessible to everyone, you just need to log in with a Cochrane account (free to register) and should take about 1 hour to complete.

We have recently launched a new online learning module to explore what KT means in Cochrane.  Here are five things which you could do with the learning module:

•    Work through the module yourself! – even if you already know a lot about KT, you can go through the module to discover new ideas, links and case studies from across Cochrane. The design of the module means that you can ‘dip in’ to parts that are interesting to you – so come and take a look!

•    Share the module with colleagues – if you enjoy the module tell your colleagues! They may know a lot about identifying reviews the users need, but not much about generating a culture of evidence – here is an opportunity to find out more! This might even lead to some new ideas of working together.

Graphic that has an image of a tree and says "Online learning: introducing knowledge translation in Cochrane"

•    Send the module to Cochrane authors – the module provides some ideas about how to plan for knowledge translation throughout the development of a Cochrane Review. It may provide ideas and resources for authors who are looking to make their reviews relevant and used by their target audience.

•    Use the module as part of new staff induction – we believe that all people working within a Cochrane group should know what knowledge translation is, and how they might be able to promote evidence-informed decision making in their lives.

•    Use the module to think about your KT work and then share it with us! We are always interested to hear new ways of doing things. Share your story by getting in touch using the ‘What’s next’ section in the module. We would love to work with you to share great ideas across Cochrane.

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October 27, 2020