Happy 2nd Birthday to the Cochrane Community Support team!

A picture of 4 women, members of the Community Support Team

Set up in February 2018, the Cochrane Community Support team provides first-line support to the Cochrane Community. We respond to a wide variety of queries about all aspects of Cochrane’s work, from staff, contributors, and members of the public. Queries come in to support@cochrane.org through our Support Helpdesk

Our Community says...

Quote image that says “Thank you very much for your very extensive help! With some more experience I will be handling this … a little better. You have been a tremendous help with this.”

Quote image that says “Thanks very much for your detailed instructions. I have just regained access to my review … I appreciate your prompt reply and the step-by-step guidance that I needed!”

Quote image that sa“I followed your instructions and it worked, without any error message. Thank you!”ys

Community Support by numbers:

  • 1 working day after being sent in, 99.7% of queries are resolved
  • 2 years since the team was founded
  • 3 of our most-common template responses are: ‘How to access your review in RevMan Web’, ‘How to reset your password’, ‘How to propose a title for a new review’
  • 4 members of the team (Diane Gal, Ursula Gonthier, Rachel Klabunde, Denise Mitchell)
  • 8500 queries answered in the past two years!

The Community Support team works alongside the ME (Managing Editor) and CIS (Cochrane Information Specialist) Support teams in the People Services Department. In 2019, Cochrane Support teams answered more than 6500 queries from over 3500 unique users.
Wordcloud of common queries

This word cloud of our common queries shows the wide variety of topics and resources we deal with. 

If you have questions about any area of Cochrane’s work, please get in touch with us!

February 14, 2020