Information about search and browse issues in the Cochrane Library

Information about search and browse issues in the Cochrane Library

Customer feedback on the functionality of the Cochrane Library is welcomed; see information on how to contact Wiley customer services. Wiley and Cochrane monitor the feedback, and from time to time, significant issues are raised. There are three issues at the moment that may particularly impact users, including the Cochrane community, and we are providing a summary of these issues. Should you have any questions or concerns about these, please do contact David Hives, Cochrane Production Manager, Wiley (

1. Search index problem for some Cochrane Reviews
There is a search index problem on the Cochrane Library, affecting some Cochrane Reviews (not CENTRAL records) published since April 2017 or any that have a 3-digit year date instead of a 4-digit year date. This results in some newly published reviews and protocols in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) not being returned in search results and/or the links go older versions of the article. All Cochrane Reviews and protocols are available via the browse options or via the table of contents. More details

2. Review group filter not finding all reviews
There is an issue with the Search Limit “By Review Group” in the Advanced Search of the Cochrane Library. This means that new citation versions of Cochrane Reviews and protocols (not CENTRAL records) will not be found using a Review Group Search Limit. More details

3. ‘New’ tag removed for CENTRAL records
Since the publication of Issue 10, 2017 (31 October 2017), it has not been possible to use the ‘New’ filter in Advanced Search for CENTRAL records (other databases in the Cochrane Library are not affected). More details

November 30, 2017