Join the Conversation: Cochrane's collaborative COVID-19 response

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Each month, Cochrane's Editor in Chief Karla Soares-Weiser hosts an interactive webinar for Cochrane members and supporters. It is an opportunity to hear more about Cochrane’s Editorial & Methods Department’s (EMD) strategic plans and their implementation by senior editorial staff, as well as learn about work being done by Cochrane Groups from around the world. These webinars are recorded to share with those who are not able to attend.

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The December 2020 webinar focused on Cochrane's collaborative response to the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year. Recordings of the webinar presentations are available below. 

  • Introduction and Collaborating in response to COVID-19: editorial and methods initiatives across Cochrane
    John Hilton, Senior Editor, Publishing Operations, Editorial & Methods Department, Cochrane Central Executive


  • Cochrane’s COVID-19 consumer rapid response group 
    Richard Morley, Consumer Engagement Officer, Cochrane Central Executive


  • Very rapid reviews to inform national treatment guidelines in South Africa
    Taryn Young, Cochrane South Africa

  • Cochrane First Aid: Making sure evidence is available in people's preferred languages
    Vere Borra, Cochrane FirstAid 

  • Cochrane Rehabilitation: Compiling the best evidence available rapidly
    Stefano Negrini, Cochrane Rehabilitation

  • The eCOVID-19 living recommendations map and gateway to contextualisation
    Adrienne Stevens, Cochrane Canada

  • Cochrane’s Editor in Chief reflects on our collaborative COVID-19 response
    Dr. Karla Soares-Weiser, Editor in Chief, Cochrane Library

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29 December 2020