Launch of the new Interactive Learning module on Network Meta-Analysis

Launch of the new Interactive Learning module on NMA

We are pleased to announce a new module on Network Meta-Analysis (NMA) for the Cochrane Interactive Learning course.

Developed in partnership with Cochrane’s Membership, Learning and Support Services, NMA subject matter experts and world-leading e-learning designers, the new module is the tenth in the Cochrane Interactive Learning course and continues our commitment to provide high quality, engaging and innovative distance learning.

Chris Champion, Head of Membership, Learning and Support services: “I’m delighted to be able to launch this tenth module of Cochrane Interactive Learning focussed on network meta-analysis. As a globally diverse organisation, the ability to deliver high quality, engaging learning online is critical for Cochrane to meet its mission.  This new module is a direct response to Cochrane’s content strategy and is part of our commitment to continually augment and update the Interactive Learning programme. We hope that Cochrane authors and editors alike will find this to be a valuable training resource to develop their knowledge around this increasingly important area of systematic review methodology.”

Quote from Chris Champion; Head of Membership, Learning and Support services


David Tovey, Cochrane’s Editor in Chief says: “Cochrane launched its Content Strategy in 2018. One of the highest priorities identified was to increase the number of reviews using network meta-analysis, where multiple interventions can be assessed against one another to provide more intuitive and applicable health care decision making support. This new Interactive Learning module is part of a broad range of initiatives to support Cochrane authors to take up this challenge and it will sit alongside guidance in the new Cochrane Handbook, an extension of the MECIR standards for network meta-analyses and the continuation of regular face-to-face training from the Comparing Multiple Interventions Methods Group. We hope that, taken together, these initiatives will help us increase the production of these reviews in Cochrane and therefore to meet the needs of our users more effectively.”

Quote from David Tovey; Cochrane’s Editor in Chief

Professors Julian Higgins and and Tianjing Li were the subject matter expert team co-authoring the module: “We enjoyed our collaboration with the Cochrane Membership, Learning and Support Services team to produce this new module. The module introduces the underlying concepts and assumptions of network meta-analysis, which is of increasing importance to evidence-informed healthcare. It describes the benefits of network meta-analyses, and illustrates their features using examples and interactivity.”

The new module is freely available to Cochrane contributors, and residents of HINARI countries, and there are also subscription options. Find out more and access the new module at:


February 25, 2018