#MyCochrane - Community celebrates love for evidence-based healthcare with Cochrane merch

Items from the Cochrane Store

The Cochrane community is embracing their geek chic and love for evidence-based healthcare with Cochrane merch!

Visit the Cochrane Store for branded t-shirts, tote bags, and mugs.

It's a great way to show off your pride in Cochrane work while also giving back - all money from sales will be reinvested in helping people get involved in Cochrane.

Snapshots of past merch

Cochrane-branded items are not completely new to the community

Branded items have been printed out to celebrate Colloquia and special events in the past. We have heard from our Community members how they have taken pride in wearing a bit of the global organization they are a part of. Some of the items that people have contain the previous Cochrane logo and some are worn with age and use - it's time for a refresh! 

Snapshots of Lauren

Geek-Chic designs while staying true to Cochrane

The store has a collection of designs created by science illustrator Science Scribbles. Dr. Lauren Callender says, "For this project, I particularly wanted to draw attention to the fact that Cochrane is very highly regarded by the scientific community. I hope I was able to visually depict this and that people will really love the designs!" 


Collection of pictures proudly wearing Cochrane branded items


We would love to see you wearing and using your new Cochrane items! Tag us on social media and use the #MyCochrane hashtag to show your Cochrane pride! To be sure we see them and give you credit email your picture to mumoquit@cochrane.org and let us know your Instagram or Twitter handle so we can give you credit.

Some options for community designs

Personalized designs available for Cochrane Groups

Celebrating a Cochrane Group milestone, a thank you for the completion of an important project, or a local symposium? We can help with the personalization of a product to be added to the store. If you are interested, please contact Lydia Parsonson (lparsonson@cochrane.org} with the following information:

  • Group Name
  • Group Colour
  • Event (if applicable)
  • Image/text requested
  • Item required (mug, t-shirt, tote bag)
4 February 2021