New complaints procedure in Cochrane

Building blocks of communication

With the recent organizational changes and following feedback on Cochrane’s previous complaints process, we have evolved our complaints procedure.

Why have we changed the procedure?

How has the procedure changed?

Cochrane previously had separate complaints processes for those raised about the content in the Cochrane Library and those raised about other issues within Cochrane.

Key enhancements and features for the new process include:

  1. Centralized entry point: We have established a single entry point for all complaints, accessible through a user-friendly webform. This is to ensure all relevant information is provided to enable us to process complaints quickly and direct them to the correct person to manage. 
  2. Management through an online platform: Complaints management will use the same platform that Cochrane Support uses for support tickets, which is a tried and tested platform for staying on top of the status and communications for issues that arise. It enables Cochrane to efficiently monitor the progress of complaints through the platform and help identify ways to develop the process going forward.
  3. Triage and communication: Cochrane Complaints will be responsible for triaging complaints and assigning them to the most appropriate staff for assessment. They will also manage communication with those who raise complaints through our online platform.
  4. Assessment and decision: The most suitable Central Executive staff member will be responsible for the assessment and decision-making process for each complaint.
  5. Escalation to appeals: In cases where those who complained were dissatisfied with the response, these will be handled by an appeals board consisting of key Cochrane leadership figures, including the Editor in Chief, Chief Executive Officer, and up-to two members of the Governing Board. This collective approach will provide a supportive environment for decision-making and ensure a final decision can be made.

We are confident that this new procedure will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of complaints management in Cochrane. And with improved monitoring and reporting, we’ll be able to develop the process iteratively to improve the experience of those engaging with the process. The new complaints procedure is available via Cochrane Community.


12 April 2024