Steering Group decisions from the 2016 Cochrane Colloquium

Main decisions made by Steering Group at its meeting in Seoul

Please find below the main decisions made by Steering Group at its meeting in Seoul. If you have any questions about these decisions, please contact your Steering Group Representative.

  • Co-Chair election: The CSG elected Cindy Farquhar and approval of her appointment would be sought from the Cochrane members at the AGM.
  • Structure and Function Review: The CSG approved the structure and function recommendations. For CRGs, Steering Group will work closely to support the Editor-in-Chief on the CRGs sustainability review and will provide support in completing this review in a shorter timeline.
  • Governance: The CSG approved the final policies to implement the new Cochrane Governing Board and Council, should the members adopt the proposed changes to Cochrane’s Articles of Association at the AGM.
  • 2017 Targets: The CSG approved the proposed Strategy to 2020 Target areas for 2017. Final Targets will be developed in consultation with executives and submitted for approval in December 2016, alongside the Plan & Budget.
  • Spokesperson Policy: The revised Cochrane Spokesperson Policy was approved.
  • CPAC: The CSG approved the disbanding of the Cochrane Policy Advisory Committee and the formation of the Cochrane Events Network.
  • Auditors: The CSG approved the recommendation from the Finance, Investment and Audit Committee, a CSG sub-group, to appoint Sayer Vincent as Cochrane’s auditors for the 2016 financial year, for ratification at the AGM.
  • Rehabilitation Field: The registration of a Cochrane Rehabilitation Field was approved.

The agenda and open acess papers can be found here. The full minutes will be available soon.

The next CSG face-to-face meeting is 5-7 April, 2017, in Geneva.

October 24, 2016