Summary of the Governing Board and Council meetings - July 2022

Summary of the Governing Board and Council meetings - July 2022

Since the start of the year, the Governing Board and Council have each been holding monthly meetings by videoconference. These alternate between meetings with formal agendas; and ‘agenda-less’ meetings, which provide space for more informal, free-flowing discussions that can be difficult to create in virtual meetings. This month, the Board held a formal meeting.
Governing Board meeting:
The Governing Board met on 13 July. If you want to read the papers from the open access agenda pack, they’re available to download from the Board’s pages on the Cochrane Community website.
Catherine Spencer was welcomed to the meeting, her first formal meeting as CEO. CET staff who are leaving Cochrane were thanked for their service and commitment.  The focus of  the meeting was the decisions the Board has a legal and regulatory responsibility to take before the Trustee’s Report and Financial Statements are approved. These decisions were:

  1. Approval of the Letter of Representation and the Going Concern Assessment in connection with the audit of the Cochrane Collaboration for year ended 31 December 2021. This enabled  
  2. Approval of the 2021 Trustees’ Report & Financial Statements.

Two further ‘business’ resolutions were approved: to appoint Casey Early, Director of Finance & Corporate Services as Company Secretary; and to provide Catherine Spencer with all CEO-level financial and non-financial delegations with effect from 11 July 2022.

For questions or comments about Board agendas, please email
Tracey Howe & Catherine Marshall
Co-Chairs, Governing Board

25 July 2022