Survey round-up

Survey round-up

A round-up of active surveys submitted by Cochrane contributors, colleagues, and partners seeking input from the Cochrane Community - updated through the month.


Title: Cochrane Oral Health priority setting feedback

General information: Cochrane Oral Health is looking for feedback on what people think are the most important questions to answer in taking care of the mouth, teeth and gums.  We want to know your views on which systematic reviews we should undertake or update.
Who is running the survey: Cochrane Oral Health (for any queries, please email
Who should take the survey: Anyone with an interest in oral health, including members of the public, dental patients, dentists, clinicians and researchers.
Closing date: 31 March 2019

If you would like to add your survey, please review our survey and consultations policy and provide the following information to

General information: 1-2 sentences explaining what the survey is about
Who is running the survey:
Who should take the survey: e.g. guideline developers, researchers, users, Cochrane authors
Closing date:


March 4, 2019