Survey round-up

Survey round-up


A round-up of active surveys submitted by Cochrane contributors, colleagues, and partners seeking input from the Cochrane Community - updated through the month.


Cochrane Methods – Survey for CRGs to inform methodological priorities
General information: With the increasing diversity and complexity of methods being used in Cochrane Reviews, we require  your feedback on the methodological challenges you face within your Review Group to inform the development of the Cochrane Methods Strategy (previously known as the Content Strategy) and what methods projects we should prioritise. Your feedback to be used as part of the Cochrane Methods Strategy discussions at the 2020 Governance Meetings, and in other relevant discussions or projects going forward.
Who is running the survey: EMD Methods Team (Cochrane Central)
Who should take the survey: Managing Editor, Coordinating Editors and other CRG editorial staff (Information Specialists, Statisticians, Methodologists, Systematic Reviewers, etc.)
Closing date: COB 11 March 2020


If you would like to add your survey, please review our survey and consultations policy and provide the following information to

General information: 1-2 sentences explaining what the survey is about
Who is running the survey:
Who should take the survey: e.g. guideline developers, researchers, users, Cochrane authors
Closing date:


February 27, 2020