Survey round-up

Survey round-up

A round-up of active surveys submitted by Cochrane contributors, colleagues, and partners seeking input from the Cochrane Community - updated through the month. 

Feedback on Early Career Professional (ECP) Cochrane Groups' activities and events
General information: A brief survey to collect feedback about the events of our Cochrane ECP Group and suggestions for future activities. The collected information will be anonymous. Your feedback will be collated by the ECP steering group and used to inform any changes to current events and decide on what improvements should be made.
Who is running the survey: Early Career Professionals Cochrane Group
Who should take the survey: All early career professionals in the Cochrane Community; you don't have to have attended a Cochrane ECP event to offer feedback. 


If you would like to add your survey, please review our survey and consultations policy and provide the following information to Lydia Parsonson (

General information: 1-2 sentences explaining what the survey is about
Who is running the survey:
Who should take the survey: e.g. guideline developers, researchers, users, Cochrane authors
Closing date:

4 October 2022