Survey round-up

Survey round-up


A round-up of active surveys submitted by Cochrane contributors, colleagues, and partners seeking input from the Cochrane Community - updated through the month.



Title: Use of LILACS in Systematic reviews
General information: The objective of this survey is to collect information that would allow us to understand the perspective and knowledge of Cochrane researchers on the use of LILACS in the development of Cochrane systematic reviews.
Who is executing the survey: Camila Escobar Liquitay (Cochrane CIS Exec- Cochrane Argentina) and Juan Víctor Ariel Franco (Cochrane Argentina)
Who should conduct the survey: Information Specialist / Assistant Information Specialist / Medical Librarian, systematic review author, Cochrane Review Group Editor.
Closing date: 20th July, 2020


If you would like to add your survey, please review our survey and consultations policy and provide the following information to

General information: 1-2 sentences explaining what the survey is about
Who is running the survey:
Who should take the survey: e.g. guideline developers, researchers, users, Cochrane authors
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April 29, 2020