Advocating for transparency and integrity in research


What does this topic cover?

Advocacy for transparency and integrity in research is about calling for improvements in the way that research is prioritized, funded, planned, conducted and published. 

It touches upon key topics such as: 

  • The need for unconflicted and independent research
  • Clinical trial transparency
  • Access to clinical study reports (CSRs)
  • Reducing research waste
  • Addressing research misconduct
  • Highlighting gaps in evidence

Why does it matter?

These issues go to the core of Cochrane: without access to relevant, unconflicted and accurate data, our reviews will not be of the quality we want. 

Our vision for this area of work is a world in which all information needed for high quality reviews is accurate, unconflicted and accessible; that gaps in evidence are defined and used for guiding decisions on investment in research; and that the research community also contributes to reducing waste. 

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