Cochrane’s membership scheme rewards all contributions - big and small. 

Cochrane’s membership scheme, launched in 2017, makes it possible for anyone to Join Cochrane and have their contribution recognised. Being part of Cochrane now goes beyond writing reviews or other tasks requiring specialised skills. New clear pathways now exist, so that anyone can get involved with a task that is suitable for them. Watch your opportunities unfold and start on a journey to greater contribution to Cochrane’s work.

In 2017, all existing contributors to Cochrane were offered membership. Ongoing contributions now earn membership automatically.

  • Check your membership status and renewal date at any time by logging into your Cochrane account
  • Your Cochrane membership is activated when you have accepted the terms and conditions. Confirm here that you have done this.
  • Please send any queries to

In 2020 we started reporting on Cochrane’s membership programme; please take a look at our membership report.