Knowledge Translation

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Knowledge Translation (KT) is as an overall term that captures a range of activities aimed at ensuring Cochrane evidence is relevant, responds to the needs of our target audiences (consumers and the public; practitioners; policy makers and healthcare managers; and researchers and research funders) and is presented in a format that facilitates its use and uptake.

Cochrane’s Knowledge Translation is aimed at all contributors working across a wide range of Cochrane’s work; including:

  • Prioritizing the most important topics for Cochrane Reviews.
  • Working with stakeholders to help identify priority review topics, and to help develop and disseminate Cochrane evidence.
  • Working with Cochrane’s key audiences to help them understand and make the best use of Cochrane evidence.
  • Producing Cochrane evidence in different formats such as blogshots, podcasts or videos, to help the target audience be able to use it more easily.
  • Translating Cochrane evidence into other languages.
  • Developing or translating resources into other languages.
  • Sharing Cochrane evidence on social media, by publishing in journals or with the media.
  • Building partnerships with stakeholders to support the uptake of Cochrane evidence in their setting.

In order to develop and build on existing work and to encourage sharing of good practice, Cochrane has developed a Knowledge Translation Framework which is at the core of delivering Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020. Implementing this Framework will help us work towards ensuring the right Reviews are produced, in the right format and for the right audiences.

We are in the process of developing new online training and resources to help all Cochrane contributors and Groups learn more, and provide practical help, with applying Knowledge Translation in their Cochrane work. These pages should be fully available in September 2018. In the meantime, here is some information and resources to support you in your ongoing Cochrane Knowledge Translation activities.