KT Framework and implementation

Cochrane’s vision is a world of improved health where decisions about health and health care are informed by high-quality, relevant and up-to-date synthesized research evidence.

Knowledge translation (KT) is essential in achieving this vision and maximizes the benefit of the work of our contributors. 

The Cochrane KT Framework defines the role of Knowledge Translation for Cochrane to coordinate KT activities across the organization, and supports those who are well-placed to undertake this role. The KT Framework has been translated into Simplified Chinese and Russian, the translated versions can be found here.

Keeping the needs of users at the heart of all we do is essential to successful Knowledge Translation.


In order to integrate the KT framework into Cochrane, we have developed an implementation plan. The implementation plan breaks down the KT framework into discrete, although often interdependent, Work Packages, led by Cochrane contributors and groups across our organization.

Some KT implementation projects, will require a greater investment of resources and/or specialist KT skills than can be provided on a voluntary basis within the Working Group or are available within the KT department.  Where possible, these will be commissioned within the Cochrane Community as centrally-funded projects. The KT Advisory Group has developed a process document detailing the procedure for commissioning this funded work.

Working Groups

In 2018, eight Working Groups were created in order to lead KT activities focused on the following themes:

  1. Embedding prioritization
  2. Improving and up-scaling KT products
  3. Multi-language approaches to KT
  4. Growing capacity in users of Cochrane’s evidence
  5. Strategic partnerships
  6. Building KT infrastructure and internal capacity within Cochrane
  7. Common/plain language
  8. Monitoring and evaluation of our KT processes and practices

More information about each of these Working Groups and their members can be found, here.