Cochrane Style Manual

The Cochrane Style Manual is maintained by the Cochrane Editorial Unit, with input from the Cochrane Style Manual Working Group and other contributors.


Please contact John Hilton (Editor, Cochrane Editorial Unit; or Elizabeth Royle (Copy Edit Support Manager, Cochrane Editorial Unit;

To suggest changes or additions to the Style Manual, please visit Cochrane Ideas.

Cochrane Style Manual Working Group

Noémie Aubert Bonn, Alison Beamond, Kate Cahill, Clare Dooley, Luisa Fernandez-Mauleffinch, Gillian Gummer, John Hilton, Nikki Jahnke, Rachael Kelly, Joey Kwong, Harriet MacLehose, Dolores Matthews, Heather Maxwell, Monaz Mehta, Dimitrinka Nikolova, Nancy Owens, Tracey Remmington, Elizabeth Royle, Sera Tort


Thanks to Noémie Aubert Bonn and Paolo Rosati for help with preparing the new format of the Style Manual and for help with incorporating many updates, and to Kerry Dwan, Ruth Foxlee, Marialena Trivela, and the Cochrane Information Specialist Support team for specialist advice.

Thanks also to contributors to previous versions of the style guide: Susanne Abraham, Alison Beamond, Mandy Collingwood, Lesley Gillespie, Nikki Jahnke, Sonja Henderson, Rachael Jowett, Luisa Fernandez-Mauleffinch, Harriet MacLehose, Heather Maxwell, Laura Mellor, Dimitrinka Nikolova, Nancy Owens, Tracey Remmington, Reive Robb, Vicki Sparkes, Emma Tavender, and Sera Tort.