The mission of the Cochrane Editorial and Methods Department (EMD) is to ensure that the Cochrane Library maintains its reputation as the international source of trustworthy, independent, and relevant information to guide healthcare decisions. We work closely with Cochrane Review Groups (CRG) and CRG Networks to create a culture of continuous quality improvement. We aim to deliver high quality content which meets the varied needs of users, and ensure that it is presented in a way that appropriately reflects the commitment of CRG teams and authors. We develop editorial and publishing policies to support CRGs and author teams; work with the Cochrane Methods community to ensure that we stay at the forefront of methods research and development and work with our colleagues in Cochrane IT Services to ensure that the development of review production tools is optimised to make the complex processes involved in producing Cochrane Reviews simpler, faster, and more efficient. We also aim to help build participation in Cochrane activities and contribute to Cochrane's knowledge translation programme as way of ensuring that Cochrane Reviews inform healthcare decisions around the world. 

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