Executive Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer: Catherine Spencer

Catherine Spencer

Catherine works in partnership with the Cochrane Library Editor-in-Chief and the Cochrane Governing Board to lead the organization into the future, building a strong and stable central staff team that can work with and support the Cochrane community - including the Cochrane Groups, consumers and others - to continue our work and impact. As CEO, she leads the overall organization to ensure it has the right structure and functions to ensure that Cochrane is able to continue the vital role we play in producing, disseminating and promoting credible, trusted health information, and that the information and the organization are inclusive, and collaborative, have high integrity, are relevant and easy to engage with.

Editor In Chief: Karla Soares-Weiser

Karla Soares-Weiser Karla is responsible for ensuring that the Cochrane Library meets its strategic goals: that the quality is of high quality and relevant to the needs of stakeholders. She also has responsibility for working with Cochrane’s publishers and others to ensure that the presentation and delivery of Cochrane content is optimal – and that it is accessible to and actionable by decision makers. Finally, she shares responsibility for ensuring that product is sustainable, and that Cochrane develops its methods appropriately, and that review authors, editorial teams and the methods community are all supported in helping to deliver high quality, high impact products and services.

Director of Publishing & Technology: Charlotte Pestridge

Charlotte Pestridge Charlotte leads the Publishing and Technology directorate with responsibility for the publishing and product management of the Cochrane Library with a focus on increasing the accessibility and usability of our evidence, and identifying a sustainable business model as we move to full open access for Cochrane Reviews by 2025. She is also responsible for commercial and IT services, managing Cochrane Response and the sales of Cochrane’s other products, and overseeing the IT services department to ensure Cochrane’s technology and informatics services support the strategic aims and business and operational activities of the charity.

Director of Finance & Corporate Services: Casey Early

Casey Early Casey’s job is to lead the Finance & Corporate Services Directorate in providing finance, human resources, contracts and project management support to the Central Executive Team. A chartered accountant by training, Casey also has responsibility for risk management, data protection and property management.

Director of Development: Gavin Adams

(starts 3rd October 2022)