Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is responsible for supporting Cochrane’s Editor in Chief and overseeing the production of Cochrane Reviews and other Cochrane Library content.

The main roles of the Editorial Board are:

  • development of editorial, publishing, and content strategies with the Editor in Chief;
  • supporting the Editor in Chief in the implementation of changes to improve consistency in the quality and timeliness of Cochrane Review preparation and publication;
  • supporting the Editor in Chief in the development, implementation, and audit of editorial policies and practices;
  • monitoring the performance of the Cochrane Library;
  • working closely with the Editor in Chief to develop and oversee implementation of future strategy for the Cochrane Library.

The Editorial Board includes the past Network Senior Editors and other content and methods evidence synthesis leaders, along with representatives from low- and middle-income countries, the Cochrane Consumer Network, and the Cochrane Early Career Professional Group.

The Editorial Board is chaired by the Editor in Chief. Members of the Editorial Board are appointed for a renewable fixed term.

The current Editorial Board list is available via the Cochrane Library.

Editorial Board Meetings