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Website addresses and links

In this section: Displaying website links | Adding website links in RevMan Web | Formatting addresses (URLs) | Formatting displayed text

Links to websites may be displayed within text.

For example:

We thank Cochrane Hypertension ( for their support.

Additional date are available from

Note that if a website is in fact a reference, it should be entered as a reference, not a link.

Links to websites should be entered in RevMan Web using the Insert Link function. Detailed instructions for doing this are provided in the RevMan Web Knowledge Base (

Formatting addresses (URLs)

Copy and paste the URL from the website, but remove any unnecessary characters from the end of the URL.

For example:

Should be shortened to:

Note: In this example the characters following the '?' are related to how you arrived at the link (in this case via a link in an email).

Always test any shortened URLs you enter.

Formatting displayed text

This text should display a shortened version of the URL, not the name of the website, unless the URL has to be very long, in which case do not use the whole URL as the display text, but instead consider using the title of the resource or other explanatory text.

Omit the 'http://' or 'https://' prefix from this field. Do not omit the 'www.' if it is present (although the address will most likely work without it), and do not add 'www.' if it is not included.

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