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posted on: 2 Nov 2015 - 17:22
Exploring Cochrane infographics
Holly Millward and Jo Anthony from Cochrane’s Communications and External Affairs Department discuss infographics to communicate Cochrane evidence. This article will also be crossed-posted on Visually Cochrane, a blog dedicated to the development of Cochrane infographics.   read more
posted on: 26 Oct 2015 - 19:00
Disseminating your Cochrane Review: working with CEAD
Actively working to disseminate your Cochrane Review or dealing with the media when you have a controversial Review is new territory for many. Emma Welsh, Managing Editor of Cochrane Airways, shares her dissemination tips. read more
posted on: 26 Oct 2015 - 17:38
Cochrane Tobacco Addiction shares their Vienna Colloquium experience
Dr. Nicola Lindson-Hawley, Managing Editor of Cochrane Tobacco Addiction, recounts her 2015 Cochrane Colloquium experience in Vienna. You can read her full account and more about others from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences that attended in this blog post.  read more
posted on: 22 Sep 2015 - 12:01
How to survive a Cochrane Colloquium
Nancy Owens is Senior Communications Manager with Cochrane’s Central Executive team, and Rome 1999 was her first Colloquium. Vienna 2015 is her thirteenth!Is Vienna your first Colloquium? Perhaps you’re excited and a bit nervous, maybe not sure exactly what to expect? Fear not! We’ve canvassed the Cochrane Central Executive team’s Colloquium veterans, and put together a list of tips and ideas to... read more
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posted on: 21 Sep 2015 - 18:10
Cochrane group name changes: A rose by any other name...
As part of Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020, Cochrane’s many groups have been undergoing rebranding. New logos and new websites have been set up and some groups have also gotten new names to more appropriately reflect their scope of work. read more

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