2017 Financial & Resource Monitoring of Cochrane Groups

2017 Financial & Resource Monitoring of	Cochrane Groups

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder that the deadline for completing the 2017 Financial & Resource Monitoring Form is 3rd November 2017.

Financial monitoring of Cochrane Groups takes place annually. Monitoring is not an audit of Groups’ accounts, but a data-gathering exercise that builds a picture of Cochrane’s ‘financial health’ year on year. It enables the Central Executive to provide information to the public about who funds Cochrane, the collective monetary cost of the organization’s work, and the number of people involved in Group activities. It supports the preparation of statistics about Groups in order to benchmark operations and identify best practice. And it also identifies whether Groups are operating sustainably, highlighting any actual or potential resource issues. This is the kind of fundamental information that the Governing Board needs in order to make its strategic decisions.

All registered Cochrane Groups are required, as a condition of their involvement in the organisation, to complete the Financial Monitoring Form for their last complete financial year by Friday 3rd November 2017. This includes registered Affiliates and Satellites of Groups.

More information and a link to the reporting survey is available here.

The Central Executive’s Finance and Core Services team will endeavour to do all it can to help you complete this information, so please get in touch with Monitoring@cochrane.org if you need help or have questions. Please note that at the 2017 Governance meetings, the Board decided that any Cochrane Group that failed to complete the financial monitoring six months after the deadline will be deregistered.

A summary of the data will be publicly available in 2018. Specific details about Groups will remain confidential.

With our grateful thanks,

Martin Burton and Cindy Farquhar, Co-Chairs of the Governing Board

Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

Karla Soares-Weiser, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Watson, Head of Finance & Core Services

October 24, 2017