2021 Plan and Budget

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Dear Colleagues,
In our last message for 2020, we are pleased to let you know that the Governing Board has approved the Plan & Budget for the Charity in 2021. 
This Plan & Budget has been developed during the transition between Strategy to 2020 and the finalization of the new organizational ‘Strategic Framework’ which will be completed and launched in the first quarter of 2021. 
The Plan sets out what Cochrane’s ‘core organizational’ (Charity) funds have been budgeted to deliver in 2021, including all centralized business and editorial functions as well as extensive support to the global community of Cochrane Groups, members and supporters via the work of the Central Executive Team. 
The resources required to deliver Cochrane’s Mission, Goals and Objectives, however, are much greater than those set out in this central Cochrane organizational budget. Cochrane’s funding model is that Groups are predominantly funded locally by non-commercial funding sources; and the largest share of the resources Cochrane needs and uses for its activities each year are attracted and raised by Cochrane’s Groups (with the last review showing that total Group annual income was approximately £13.2 million).
From 2021, the Charity’s budget will support the following prioritized areas of work: 
1.    Transforming how Cochrane Reviews are produced
2.    Scaling up Knowledge Translation activities across the organization
3.    Investing in initiatives that will deliver long-term financial sustainability for Cochrane

Read the Plan & Budget in full.

Thank you for all your tremendous work this year. We are looking forward to working with you all in 2021.
With very best wishes,
Catherine Marshall & Tracey Howe 
Co-Chairs, Governing Board

23 December 2020