Appointed Member of the Board – recruitment update

Appointed Member of the Board – recruitment update

The Governing Board has reviewed the applications received for the vacant Board position for an Appointed Member. Unfortunately we have been unable to appoint a suitable candidate as yet. While all the candidates who expressed interest in response to this call had excellent skills relevant to their professional fields, none of the candidates had the specific types and level of expertise that the Board was seeking. Some candidates were not based in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) but worked in, or were citizens of, high income countries. The majority of candidates were members of Cochrane, some with roles in Groups and structures more aligned with elected Board member positions.

The Board is fully committed to appointing a suitable individual from a LMIC and to this end is proposing to conduct a further search for such an individual.  We propose working with the Directors of Centres, Associate Centres and Affiliates in LMICs to identify suitable individuals, external to Cochrane, with the skills the Board needs.  In particular we are interested in identifying senior people who serve, or have served, on the Boards of large organisations, charities, companies, or NGOs, or possibly with experience at the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer, or Chief Finance Officer level within such organisations.  The individual should be “external” to Cochrane, and live and work in a LMIC.

This process will begin immediately after the Governance Meeting in Krakow.

Governing Board Appointed Member Nomination Committee
Marguerite Koster (Chair)
Martin Burton
Sally Green
Xavier Bonfill


March 20, 2019