Cochrane Steering Group announces decisions from April meetings

Cochrane Steering Group

Please find below the main decisions by the Cochrane Steering Group (CSG) from the London meeting. If you have any questions about these decisions, please contact your Steering Group Representative. The full minutes will be available soon.

Cochrane Canada
Decision: The CSG expressed continued support for Cochrane Canada and appreciation for the extensive efforts of many contributors working to Save Cochrane Canada. Full details of this decision and plan will be available shortly.

Governance reform
Decision: Following initial consultation and a Strategic Session at the Mid-Year Meetings in London, the CSG agreed to proceed with the proposed reforms to Cochrane’s governance structures. The CSG discussed the feedback received on the proposals and is committed to ensuring a meaningful voice for Groups in Cochrane’s governance, and support for participation by contributors. The next steps will be to draft specific amendments to Cochrane’s Articles of Association, and a more detailed framework for the propose Council for consultation with all contributors. A final decision about the reforms will be made at the Seoul Colloquium in October 2016.

Review of structure and function
Decision: The CSG considered a proposal for changes to the way Cochrane operates arising from the recent review of structure and function. The key changes will be the introduction of centralized editorial processing and the consolidation of Cochrane Groups into geographic and topic-based networks. Cochrane Groups will be integral in the next steps of this work, with further details to follow.

Approved papers

Past and future meetings
The minutes of the CSG meeting in Vancouver in January 2016 have been approved and are now available.


Lisa Bero and Cindy Farquhar
Co-Chairs, Cochrane Steering Group

14 April, 2016

14 April 2016