Cochrane’s focused review format is now available

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Cochrane is proud to be one of the world’s leading producers of trusted evidence. To maintain that standard, we need to innovate and make sure we are meeting the needs of the people using our evidence. We are making some major changes, one of which is the introduction of a new focused review format. We're simplifying and streamlining our review process, making it more efficient for our authors. It will also help our published reviews to have an even greater impact globally.

New format


Why are we changing?

  • Simplified reporting for authors: We understand the importance of adhering to reporting standards. That's why we've introduced new templates to guide authors on what to report and where. This simplifies the reporting process and ensures consistency.
  • Greater impact of our published Reviews: We've restructured our main articles to focus solely on the main content. By moving supplementary materials to a separate section, we've made it easier for readers to access and use the evidence.
  • Showcasing the integrity of Cochrane evidence: We're committed to transparency and inclusivity. That's why we've added new sections on equity, consumer involvement, and data, code, and other materials. These additions highlight the integrity of our evidence.
  • Faster editorial and production processing: We know time is precious. Shorter and more consistently reported reviews help streamline the quality assurance and peer review stages, resulting in faster editorial processing. It also speeds up the copyediting process, leading to faster times to publication.

Key information for Cochrane Authors:

  • From now: Ongoing protocols, reviews and updates can switch to the focused review format in RevMan.
  • From 21 September 2023: all new protocols, reviews and updates begun after this date in RevMan will use the focused review format and authors will be able to submit reviews using the focused review format to the Central Editorial Service.

Timing for submission:

  • Expecting to submit your protocol or review this year? Continue with the current review format.
  • Expecting to submit your protocol or review in 2024 or later? Switch to the focused review format now.
  • From 31 March 2024: all new submissions of protocols, reviews and updates to the Central Editorial Service use the focused review format.

Read more in the RevMan Knowledge Base, including a step-by-step guide on what authors need to do after the switch.

Need help?

Help is available!

Tell us what resources you need: 

As with all new things, it can take a little while to get to grips with them, but our team is working hard to make them as simple as possible for authors with guidance and resources to help with the change. We really want your input and feedback so we can build this together.

We appreciate your patience and collaboration - and your feedback and input! Please get in touch at if there are additional resources you feel are needed or have feedback. 

Core resources already available:

Training, webinars and events:

These changes will create a strong foundation for Cochrane Reviews so we can innovate in how we share and use Cochrane evidence. They will make Cochrane Reviews more focused and make systematic reviewing more efficient, enabling us to better meet our stakeholders’ needs. We’re going to be agile, and developments will be ongoing so we can ensure they support the best possible experience for those involved in systematic reviewing. We're looking forward to making these changes together! 

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22 August 2023