Cochrane’s revised Spokesperson Policy takes effect from September 2020

A microphone in the foreground with a blurred background

Cochrane’s Governing Board has approved a revised version of its organizational Spokesperson Policy.

The revised Policy, which takes effect from September 1st 2020, follows an in-depth review, including wide consultation with the global Cochrane community. Most Cochrane members and supporters have multiple affiliations: to their employers, funders or other organizations. Every Cochrane member or supporter is, to some degree, a representative of the organization and is encouraged to talk and write about Cochrane and its work. The intention of the newly-revised Spokesperson Policy is to help them do that, as communicating and promoting the use of Cochrane evidence is vital to our organizational mission and strategy.

The Policy now contains a new Appendix giving guidance and case studies on how to apply the Spokesperson Policy in practice; as well as links to additional resources for advice and support for all Cochrane members and supporters. 

The new Spokesperson Policy is now available here.

For further information, please contact the Knowledge Translation Department.   

All of Cochrane’s policies and positions statements are published and publicly available on our Community website.  

August 13, 2020