Editor in Chief & Interim CEO update: 11 June 2021

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Dear Cochrane friends and colleagues,

We hope this message finds you well and safe. This update comes to you from both the Editor-in-Chief and new Interim CEO. Judith Brodie began her work with us on June 1, and we are so pleased to have her join us. You can watch a recorded introduction from Judith here.

Cochrane faces a range of challenges, for example we have been spending more than our income, some of our funding is less secure, there is more competition and COVID has demonstrated the importance of rapid response to health challenges. There are also, undoubtedly, opportunities to grasp. This means we need to think radically and creatively about how best to ensure we adapt and ensure a sustainable and successful Cochrane into the future, so we can continue doing our vital work, which is more important than ever.

We are committed to staying in touch with our Community as we move forward and will need your feedback and ideas as we consider how best to adapt to these challenges and opportunities. These update emails will be sent from both of us on a fortnightly basis and will continue to include organizational and editorial updates and COVID-19 response news.

Organizational and editorial updates

  • Register for Cochrane’s Governance Meetings: Registration is still open for our strategic and discussion sessions on June 22 and 24; please plan to join us. Further information has been shared this week about the three breakout sessions during this free event; explore the programme and register today.
  • Editorial Independence and Efficiency Project: There have been some change to the way we're running the consultation workstream for this project, given the important issues facing Cochrane, with potential implications for Cochrane Groups and review production as a whole. The consultation will now be in phases, beginning with individual sessions with a subset of Cochrane Groups and the Cochrane Council, followed by workshops which will include multiple Cochrane Groups. Learn more about these changes and the project generally on the Cochrane Community site.
  • Cochrane submitted a statement to the 74th World Health Assembly, focusing on the importance of clinical trial transparency, particularly in the context of global health crises. Read the full statement.
  • Join the Conversation. If you weren’t able to join last week’s webinar, please see these recordings to hear about updates to editorial policy on the Cochrane Library and the new editorial policy for managing potentially problematic studies.

COVID-19 response

With best wishes,

Karla Soares-Weiser
Editor in Chief, Cochrane Library

Judith Brodie
Interim CEO

June 11, 2021