Governing Board Chair recruitment update

A picture of board room chairs and a table.

Tracey Howe and Catherine Marshall both stepped down as Co Chairs of the Governing Board in September 2023 and Jordi Pardo Pardo was appointed Interim Chair of the Governing Board for a period of up to one year while a chair is recruited.

See a bit more about the background in Governing Board updates here and here.

The Board agreed that the Governance and Nominations Committee (members are Tamara Kredo, Jordi Pardo Pardo, Gill Leng and Wendy Levinson) should oversee the recruitment process and the Board has approved the recommendations from the Committee. One Chair rather than two Co-Chairs will be recruited, and a Vice Chair will be appointed from within the Board. The Board agreed that the recruitment process for the Chair should be open and transparent, a wide pool of candidates will be sought and to ensure this, a recruitment consultant will be used. 

The Board agreed that the Chair should have the skills and experiences to steer Cochrane though a period of significant change, uncertainty and risk. The role description makes clear that alignment with Cochrane’s vision and mission is an essential requirement and an existing knowledge of Cochrane will be an advantage.  

The recruitment process is being led by Prospectusthe role is now live on their website here. It will be advertised in The Guardian and interest from people in our existing community and networks is actively encouraged.

Information on the website includes the role description, details about how to apply, the deadline and who to contact if you’d like an informal discussion about the role. Do please share this opportunity to lead Cochrane through an exciting period of change with your colleagues and networks.

If you have any questions, please send them to Lucy Johnson-Brown/Governing Board Secretary.

30 January 2024