Governing Board meeting June 2024 

A picture of board room chairs and a table.

The Governing Board is meeting (online) on Tuesday 25 June 2024.  

Items on the agenda include the Scientific Strategy which has been developed over the last year in consultation with World Health Organization (WHO) collaborators and Cochrane leaders. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the foundation of the strategy which aims to address global health challenges by producing evidence that guides decision making for patients, health care professionals and policy makers. Once approved by the Governing Board, the Scientific Strategy will be launched so look out for more information soon. 

The Governing Board will discuss the roadmap to Open Access agreed in January 2024 and the Future of Evidence Synthesis programme (focusing in particular on the Central Editorial Service). 

Since the last Governing Board meeting in March 2024, the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, the Remuneration Committee, the Governance and Nominations Committee, the Product Development Oversight Committee and the Future of Evidence Synthesis Committee have all met and there will be updates from the Committees included on the agenda.  

The Governance and Nominations Committee will update Trustees on progress with the Treasurer recruitment process and plans for Governing Board elections later on this year.  

An update from the Future Engagement Mechanisms Working Group will report back on the meeting held on 21 June when the group considered a draft proposal for improving two way engagement between the Board and the Cochrane Community in place of what was the Council

The Trustees Annual report and Accounts for 2023 will be approved by the Governing Board (who are the Charity’s trustees) at this meeting. The accounts will be shared with members at an Annual General Meeting to be held later on this year. 

The agenda and papers for Governing Board meetings are published here and an update will be shared after the meeting. 


20 June 2024