Governing Board meeting March 2024

Picture of team brainstorming, high angle view of the table

The Governing Board is meeting in Berlin on 11, 12 and 13 March 2024. When Trustees meet face to face they try and use the opportunity to link up with other groups, events or meetings. This time, the Governing Board meeting is being held ahead of the 25th Annual Meeting of the German Network for Evidence-Based Medicine (EbM) . Several Trustees are going to attend the German Network meeting and Joerg Meerpohl, Director of Cochrane Germany is going to join Trustees for dinner.  

Since the last Governing Board meeting on 9 January 2024, the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, the Remuneration Committee, the Governance and Nominations Committee, the Product Development Oversight Committee, and the Future of Evidence Synthesis Committee have all met and there will be updates from the Committees included on the agenda.  
The Governance and Nominations Committee will update Trustees on progress with the Chair recruitment process and a report from the Future Engagement Mechanisms Working Group will report back on meetings held in December and in February when new and improved ways of ensuring two way engagement between the Board and the Cochrane Community in place of what was the Council were considered. 

Other items on the agenda include Open Access, product development, fundraising, membership and Cochrane events. Trustees are also going to spend some time considering a range of scenarios to inform longer term planning, such as how would we manage a reduction in income or an increase in income if our fundraising strategy is successful. What might our business model look like in 5 years’ time and how does our structure support or hinder ambitions around working with global partners. 

The agenda and papers for Governing Board meetings are published here and an update will be shared after the meeting. 

5 March 2024