Join the virtual 2022 Anne Anderson Walk!

Anne Anderson

The Annual Anne Anderson Walk is a cherished annual social event in Cochrane, where attendees explore the Colloquium host-city by foot with a guide. Donations by participants are made to next year's Anne Anderson Award. Given current COVID-19 circumstances, the Cochrane community will be not be gathering for the Colloquium in 2022. However, we can walk virtually together, share pictures of our walks, and make donations to the annual Anne Anderson Award, which will be presented at the Cochrane AGM later this year.

 It's easy to participate! 

  • Go for a walk and snap a picture!
  • Print out an Anne Anderson sign (or create your own personalized sign) to hold up for the picture, if you'd like.

    For Black and White Print:
    - A3 document size
    - A4 document size
    - Legal document size
    - Letter document size

    For Colour Print:
    - A3 document size
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  • Show your support on social media; post your picture and encourage your Cochrane colleagues to participate using the hashtag #AnneAnderson
  • Share a picture to be added to the map; email Lydia Parsonson <> a picture, your name, your location, and any words of encouragement you have to other participants or a description of where you are in the picture. It will be added to this page and used in a final presentation at the end of the event. 
  • Make a donation to the Anne Anderson Award. If you would like, you can make a donation, the prize will be given out at the Cochrane AGM later this year. 

Check out our global community's pictures:

Ann Shackleton
Anne is enjoying the sunny weather and the view of Bleaklow, UK from the rocky outcrop called wormstones.

Pictures from our 2021 Anne Anderson Walk:



Tracey Harrison Cheddar Gorge UK
Tracey Harrison, Cheddar Gorge, UK
Moreton-in-Marsh, UK
Monaz Mehta and Elizabeth Royle explore the Cotswold town Moreton-in-Marsh, UK
Batheast Toll Bridge UK
Chris Champion, Batheast Toll Bridge, Bath, UK
Ana Beatriz Pizarro Mesa de Yeguas, Anapoima, Colombia
Ana Beatriz Pizarro, Mesa de Yeguas, Anapoima, Colombia. "Hope we can meet all over again soon and do this walk together for science"
Irena Zakarija-Grkovic, Split, Croatia
Irena Zakarija-Grkovic, Co-Director of Cochrane Croatia, taking a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll along the pebbly coast of the beautiful Adriatic Sea, in Split, Croatia.
Charlotte Pestridge, Mexico Towans Beach UK
Charlotte Pestridge, Mexico Towans Beach, St. Ives Bay, UK. "Enjoying walks on quiet Cornwall Beaches. This will be one of the beach views the G7 leaders will enjoy when they meet in Carbis Bay on 11 June!"
Eva Madrid Atacama Desert
Eva Madrid in a previous trip to Valle de la Luna in the Atacama Desert, Chile.
Chris Mavergames views of Schlossberg Germany
Chris Mavergames, Schlossberg and Roßkopf peak, Black Forest, Germany. 
Anna Noel-Storr and Susi Wisniewski
Susi Wisniewski and Anna Noel-Storr, Newbold Comyn Country Park, Leamington Spa, UK. 
Paola Andrenacci Tierra del Fuego National Park Argentina
Paola Andrenacci, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia, Argentina. "I'm Clinical Nutritionist specialized in Liver Disease, for a month, I have been a member of Cochrane Collaborate and collaborator of Cochrane Nutrition.
Ever since I was a College (University), I always dreamed of being a part of Cochrane family.
Let's keep walking, dreams come true!"
River bank with greenish blue water and trees on the bank
Miranda Cumpston, Murray River at Merbein, Victoria, Australia. "A stroll along the banks of the Murray River at Merbein, near Mildura in northern Victoria, Australia, traditional country of the Latji Latji and  Ngintait First Peoples. This is part of Australia's biggest river system, the Murray-Darling, which carries water from as far as Queensland all the way down to Adelaide. Around Merbein, the scenery is dry, flat scrub, saltbush and red dirt, until you see the tall River Red Gums along the banks of the water."
Robin Grant Scotland
Robin Grant, Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle, North Berwick, Scotland. "I am Robin, the Coordinating Editor of the Neuro-Oncology section of GNOC and this is taken close to North Berwick, the Biarritz of the north! Bass Rock is a Gannet Santuary and used to be a prison - The Alcatraz of the East (just made that up!) and on the other side is Tantallon Castle, a 14th century fortress “curtain wall castle” with a cliff as the back wall and no roof - as we say in Scotland a "doer upper”. If you need evidence of how good it is to live here - look at the Sunday Times - where it says North Berwick is the best place to live in the UK. Low Risk of Bias clearly."
Jodie Doyle Australia
Jodie Doyle, One Tree Hill Reserve, Bendigo, Australia
Jo Morrison Somerset UK
Jo Morrison, Somerset, UK. "Jo, Coordinating Editor for Cochrane GNOC, plus support crew, walking on the Quantocks in Somerset, SW England, followed by the obligatory cream tea and dreaming of Cornwall (jam on first, obviously!)."
Ann Shackleton Kinder Scout UK
Ann Shackleton, Kinder Scout, UK. "Virtual Anne Anderson Walk on Easter Monday - beautiful blue skies, incredibly windy, and you could see for miles - if you zoom into the middle you can see the other side of Manchester. There was a tiny bit of snow on the ground and we found some frozen frogspawn which I'd never seen before."
Nuala Livingstone Belfast Northern Ireland
Nuala Livingstone, "The Big Fish", Belfast, Northern Ireland
Anika Murtza London UK
Anika Murtza, London, UK. "A day out in the sunshine in London was great!"
Tess Moore Dartmoor UK
Tess Moore, Dartmoor, UK. "My Anne Anderson walk  was on Dartmoor – on a blustery brilliant day with mist. Dartmoor is a national park, 368 Sq miles - the size of London. It is in the South West of the UK. We walked via  sunken lanes and open moor  to Jay’s Grave and then on to a high point near Hound tor. Kitty Jay was a young unmarried housemaid who lived on dartmoor in around 1790. She became pregnant by someone in the family she served,  was shamed and took her own life. She was buried in unconsecrated ground at a cross road on the parish boundary – as was the custom. No matter what time of year there are always fresh flowers on Jay’s grave, wild flowers, garden flowers, but always there. No one knows who puts them there. It is nice that poor Kitty is remembered. It’s a reminder of the need for empathy and to be grateful for the evolution of human rights.   And a reminder to keep an eye on those human rights we have fought hard, and are still fighting for."
Gail Quinn Clare Jess Bath UK
Gail Quinn and Clare Jess, Bath, UK. "Gail and Clare (MEs for GNOC) plus Ted and Mason adhering to the ‘One Spaniel plus One Dachshund Apart’ rule for social distancing with the beautiful City of Bath in the background." 
Ian Saldanha Providence Rhode Island
Ian Saldanha, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. "I can’t wait to meet my Cochrane friends in person again! I clicked these two photos on a gorgeous, sunny, spring day in Providence, Rhode Island. One photo has as a backdrop a beautiful mural, entitled Still Here. It is meant to depict the Narragansett - the original inhabitants of Rhode Island. Check out the story of the person depicted in the art (Lynsea Montanari) and the mural: The mural is right across the river from the Brown University School of Public Health."
Sarah Chapman Oxfort UK
Sarah Chapman, Oxford, UK
Muky Rittiphairoj Boston MA
Muky Rittiphairoj, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. "Believe in yourself!"
trees with moss on them in a forest and a stream
Ursula Gonthier, Rossendale Lane, Lancashire Moors, UK. "Some lovely ancient oak trees and newer larches. Lockdown has made me discover new walks not too far from home, but in places where I'd never ventured before."
Marguerite Koster stands with grand-niece and -nephew on a hike in the Hollywood Hills in California
Marguerite Koster, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. "Cochrane Board member Marguerite walking in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles with her great-niece and -nephew. This is what the famous Hollywood sign looks like!"
Artsy shots of hills with trees, one with gray sky, one with colorful sunset
Richard Morley, Thixendale, Yorkshire Wolds, UK. 
Robin Featherstone Elk Island National Park
Robin Featherstone, Elk Island National Park, Canada "Elk Island is a 200 sq km full-enclosed sanctuary for ungulates (hoofed mammals). The park played an important role in conserving herds of North American plains and wood bison (AKA buffalo). Bison from these herds are exported globally to repopulate or strengthen the species. If you’ve never seen a bison before, they are shaggy and large (up to 1100 kg), horned and unpredictable. Ripley and I kept a safe distance while trying not to disturb any of their “meadow muffins” on our walk."
Jackie stands in front of a green mountain view in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Jackie Ho, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Tianjing stands on hills over Boulder, Colorado
Tianjing Li, Boulder, Colorado, "If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you."
Rachel stands on a deck overlooking a vineyard in Casablanca, Chile
Rachel Klabunde, Viña Casas del Bosque, Casablanca, Chile. "These photos are from Viña Casas del Bosque, a family vineyard that makes some of our favorite wines, and is about 30 minutes drive from where I live in Viña del Mar. They export about 80% of the wine they produce to all over the world, so perhaps you may have tried some? Harvest time ("la vendimia" in Spanish) is coming up quite soon, and the pinot noir grapes pictured here are ripe and mostly ready, though some unexpected summer rain means it's a bit delayed this year compared with typical timing. Of course, some wine tasting was a nice reward after our walk!"
Santa Monica mountains
Tiffany Duque (center), Santa Monica mountains
Lydia Parsonson
Lydia Parsonson, Sidmouth, Devon, UK
Sabrina Khamissa
Sabrina Khamissa, Ashridge House, Hertfordshire, UK. Ashridge is a country estate and stately home in Hertfordshire and a former royal residence to Kin Henry VII.
Karen Head
Karen Head, Versoix, Switzerland
Muriah KTD
Muriah Umoquit, Niagara Falls, Canada. "There are actually 3 falls - the American Falls and the smaller Bridal Falls and the large Canadian Horseshoe Falls - all created by glaciers. The Falls has the world's highest flow rate with 28 million liters of water traveling down every second. And it also has a weird history of daredevil stuff, like people doing tightrope walks across it or going over the falls in barrels. It's about an hour and a half drive from the future Toronto Colloquium if you like your virtual walking tour here on Slack, I hope I can give you a future tour in person!"


To add your picture, email Lydia Parsonson <>  a picture, your name, and your location.  It will be added to this page and used in a final presentation at the end of the event. 

28 February 2022