Launch of three new organizational policies to support everyone contributing to Cochrane

Launch of three new organizational policies to support everyone contributing to Cochrane

Cochrane is a global community of over 11,000 members and 68,000 supporters from more than 130 countries. We are researchers, health professionals, patients, carers, and others passionate about improving health outcomes.

The Governing Board is very pleased to announce the launch of three new organizational policies to support everyone contributing to Cochrane. These policies are designed to help members understand their roles and responsibilities both to the organization and their colleagues; and to ensure that Cochrane complies with the highest standards of governance.


Principles of Collaboration: Working Together for Cochrane

Cochrane’s new Principles of Collaboration will act as a Code of Conduct for all members and supporters. Developed by the Council on behalf of the Governing Board, with input from a cross-section of the community, this new policy lays out the principles that promote a collegial environment and effective collaboration. It describes the kinds of behaviour expected of everyone interacting with the organization.

Complaints Resolution Procedure

This new procedure supports those involved in making and handling complaints by providing transparent, consistent principles and processes. Fundamental to this procedure is the principle that in the first instance complaints should be dealt with directly between the parties involved, and at the most local level possible thereafter. This recognises that the earlier and more directly a complaint is raised, the greater the chance of successfully resolving it.

Organizational Accountabilities

Being accountable means making a commitment to be responsible and answerable for your actions, and wherever possible, doing the things you make a commitment to do. In Cochrane, accountability applies at a personal and organizational level. Members and supporters make a commitment to treat each other with respect and fairness in carrying out work for Cochrane. Management and governance decision-making are transparent and explainable. Constructive criticism and debate are welcomed. This new policy sets out clearly, and in one place, the structures for managerial and governance accountability that already exist within the organization.


All of these policies are now available on the ‘Policies’ section of the Cochrane Community website. Over the coming months you’ll receive more information and training opportunities on how they can support you, and if you’re working for a Cochrane Group, how to implement them within your Group’s standard procedures. You are welcome to submit questions and comments about these new policies to the Governing Board at:


With very best wishes,

Martin Burton
Governing Board Co-Chair

Catherine Marshall
Governing Board Co-Chair

December 12, 2019