Upcoming changes in RevMan Web: Comparison and Outcome labels

Upcoming changes in RevMan Web:

The labels Comparison and Outcome under Analyses in RevMan Web will be changing to Analysis Group and Analysis.

The new labels are more generic to cover the broad usage of the existing labels Outcome and Comparison. Renaming Outcome to Analysis also aligns with the Cochrane Handbook and the Cochrane Library. In most reviews, Analysis Groups will still represent comparisons.  We are making this change as part of a project to implement a new study-centric data structure in RevMan Web. The changes are not implemented in Review Manager 5.

What is study-centric data?

Study-centric data is extracted in the included studies, rather than in the Analysis. In the study-centric model, authors will define the PICO for their analysis, and RevMan Web will automatically identify the eligible studies and data.

Why is it important?

The main motivations to move to study-centric data are to support smooth integration with tools such as Covidence and the introduction of Network Meta-Analysis and other new methods in RevMan Web. There are also immediate benefits for Cochrane authors and editors:

  • Reduces duplication of data and thereby the risk of introducing errors
  • Clear workflow for authors in reviews
  • Facilitates updates of reviews as forest plots will be updated automatically when new studies are included       

When is it coming?

The new structure is a larger program of work that will continue during the first half of 2019. The Review Production Team in CET, IT Services has already started implementing the new structure in RevMan Web. Community members will be able to sign up to pilot the new structure in Q2 2019.

Until then, you will be able to join demonstrations of the ongoing work every other week - please email revman@cochrane.org to signup. Training and support for trainers, editors and authors is planned to ensure a smooth introduction. Moving to study-centric data will be a decision made by the review groups on a review-by-review basis.

We are happy to answer any of your questions or give you access to the demonstrations on revman@cochrane.org.

February 1, 2019