Validation Reports in RevMan Web

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RevMan Web is Cochrane’s online review-writing platform. It is available for use by all authors and editors of Cochrane Reviews of interventions. One benefit of RevMan Web is that it is constantly being updated with new features for making writing systematic reviews easier and more efficient. 

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The Validation Report in RevMan Web helps authors to produce high-quality reviews. Before submitting any draft protocol or review for editorial approval, authors are prompted to address outstanding issues in the text. For example, this could include a required section that is empty, or a reference not linked to a study. These checks "validate" the review for submission to editors. 

How can the Validation Report in RevMan Web help speed up your work on systematic reviews?

  • The Validation Report is visible on your RevMan Web dashboard at all times, so you are always aware of any outstanding issues with the review. 
  • Validation errors and warnings are accessible in the context panel in RevMan Web, with dynamic links to the issues in the review. This makes finding and fixing errors quicker and easier than before. 

Watch this video demonstrating dynamic Validation Reports in RevMan Web. 

    If you have any questions about the Validation Report, check out the RevMan Web Knowledge Base article on this topic, or contact This and other training resources for RevMan Web are available on the RevMan training hub

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    March 30, 2020