Help inform developments to the Cochrane Review format: We need you!

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We are calling for feedback to help prioritise features or challenges that are most important to you when it comes to the format of Cochrane Reviews. Please complete the survey to give us your ideas!

In February 2022, the Cochrane Governing Board approved a new model for producing Cochrane evidence syntheses, following an extensive community consultation process. There are many facets to this work, with full details via the future of evidence synthesis in Cochrane community webpages.
One call that echoed loud and clear during the consultation process, and in fact has been discussed for quite some years, is that Cochrane needs to evolve it’s review format to improve author experience, streamline editorial, peer review and copyediting processes, and increase accessibility and impact when published in the Cochrane Library. It is also key for ensuring Cochrane is in a strong position as we diversify our evidence synthesis types going forward.

We are therefore calling all authors, editors, methodologists, consumers, users - everyone!  - to understand what will make Cochrane Reviews more attractive to you.
A recent webinar, the first in a series on the future of evidence synthesis in Cochrane, included early details about implementation planning and projects, including the new review format. The slides and recording are available on the Future Cochrane webinar series webpage.

Research to inform the new review format is underway. Interviews with stakeholders have been completed to collect themes, topics and initial ideas. These have been built into a survey, which will inform the recommendations and implementation. 

We need you!
We want to ensure a new format prioritises features or overcomes challenges that are most important to you. If you are - or are interested in becoming - an author, editor or user of Cochrane Reviews, please complete the survey by 13 June (takes approximately 15 minutes).


Take the survey and share your feedback!

Cochrane’s new production model represents a large shift for the organization. We’d like to thank everyone for their valuable contributions to the development of the new model and patience during these early implementation planning stages.

Here are the ways to stay up to date and ask questions:

16 May 2022