Recognizing excellence with Cochrane prize and award nominations

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Cochrane is proud to announce the opening of nominations for its esteemed Cochrane prizes and rewards.

With members and supporters spanning across more than 190 countries worldwide, Cochrane represents a diverse community of researchers, health professionals, patients, carers, and passionate individuals dedicated to improving health outcomes for all. For over 30 years, our global independent network has tirelessly gathered and summarized the best evidence from research, empowering individuals to make informed choices about treatment options.

As we celebrate the dedication and innovation of our community members, we invite nominations for these prestigious awards, each bearing the name of influential figures within the Cochrane community. Join us in recognising outstanding contributions and honouring the collective efforts that drive Cochrane's mission forward.

Anne Anderson Award: Honouring women's contributions

Named after Anne Anderson, a trailblazer in evidence-based healthcare, this award acknowledges the significant contributions of female members within Cochrane. Anderson's dedication to women's health and her role in shaping the foundation of Cochrane serve as inspiration for this recognition.

Bill Silverman Prize: Championing critical inquiry

In memory of William Silverman, a pioneer in neonatal medicine and a fervent advocate for critical examination, this prize highlights Cochrane's commitment to constructive criticism. By fostering a culture of questioning and improvement, Cochrane continues to refine its methods and enhance the quality of evidence-based healthcare.

Chris Silagy Prize: Recognising unsung heroes

Chris Silagy's legacy of leadership and inspiration lives on through this prize, which honours individuals whose invaluable contributions often go unnoticed. From administrative support to motivational efforts, recipients of the Chris Silagy Prize represent the glue that binds the Cochrane community together.

Kenneth Warren Prize: Promoting global health equity

Named after Kenneth Warren, a champion for health equity in developing countries, this prize celebrates excellence in research that addresses the healthcare needs of underserved populations. By recognising high-quality Cochrane Reviews with relevance to developing countries, this award highlights the importance of inclusive evidence-based healthcare practices.



Catherine Spencer, Cochrane's CEO said, "These prizes and awards symbolise the heart of Cochrane – our vibrant and diverse community. Each award carries with it a legacy of dedication, innovation, and collaboration, reflecting the spirit of those who have shaped Cochrane's journey. I encourage everyone to nominate deserving individuals and celebrate the remarkable contributions that define our community."

Nominations for the Cochrane Prizes and Rewards are now open, offering an opportunity for individuals to recognise and honour the outstanding efforts of their peers. We are looking forward to announcing the winners and celebrating them at the Global Evidence Summit, taking place in Prague in September. Nominations are open until 5 June 2024 (midnight, Hawaii time). 

17 April 2024