Vlogshots: sharing Cochrane evidence with moving slides

vlogshots: sharing Cochrane evidence with moving slides

Sarah Chapman is a knowledge broker at Cochrane UK. She writes and edits their weekly blog, Evidently Cochrane, and helps to shares Cochrane evidence across social media platforms.

Jack Leahy manages Cochrane UK's digital presence, monitors impact, and helps develop new ways of sharing Cochrane evidence.


You may have noticed 'vlogshots' creeping into the Comms Digest alongside the blogshots, so we thought we'd better give you a little explanation, in case you thought this was just a typo!

Using Adobe Spark, we're experimenting with making these video versions of blogshots. They're shared in the same way, and on the same platforms, as our blogshots, and archived on Tumblr where you can download and share them.

They're essentially a set of moving slides, with each slide showing for the number of seconds we choose and with the facility for the viewer to pause them.

We've chosen to make them without music, which can be a bit too jaunty for the subject matter!

They have the advantage over blogshots of allowing for more information to be included, and the split screen option means we can add a picture or icon to reinforce a message.

We see these as an addition to the blogshots, rather than a replacement, knowing that different formats appeal to different people, so the more ways we can share our evidence the better.

If you'd like to know more, do get in touch with us. Cochrane has also produced guidelines for using Adobe Spark - download the latest 'How To' zip folder from here.

Sarah Chapman and Jack Leahy, Cochrane UK

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14 February 2017

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