Conflict of interest declaration: Robert Dellavalle

Roles in: Cochrane Council

1. Financial interests

a) Received research funding: any grant, contract or gift, commissioned research, or fellowship from The Cochrane Collaboration or a related organisation (i.e. any organisation related to health care or medical research) to conduct research?
Yes - ACTIVE GRANTS 1. R01CA206569 (Walkosz and Dellavalle) 1/01/2017-12/31/2021 NCI Role: Co-PI A national sun safety public education program for the tattoo community Thirty tattoo studios will be recruited nationally and randomized to determine the effects of an educational intervention for promoting comprehensive skin cancer prevention. The educational intervention was developed with tattoo artists and enthusiasts and will be delivered by tattoo artists to their clients. 2. 128835-PTAPM-15-198-25-PTAPM (DiGuiseppi) 1/1/13 – 6/30/20 American Cancer Society Role: Mentor Physician Training Award in Cancer Prevention The grant provides support for physician training in accredited preventive medicine residency programs that provide cancer prevention and control research and practice opportunities. 3. NIH (1R01CA192652-01A1) (Buller & Walkosz) 07/01/2015 – 06/30/2020 NICHD Role: Consultant Likes, Pins, and Views: Engage Moms on Teen Indoor Tanning Thru Social Media This project systematically studies a comprehensive approach to engaging mothers via social media to work for limiting access to indoor UV tanning. 4. Dept. of Dermatology Dermatoepidemiology Support (Dellavalle) 1/1/15-until spent Role: PI This internal non-competitive grant supports travel for Dellavalle lab members to academic meetings to present dermatoepidemiology research. 5. Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning and Change (PI: Norris) 7/1/18-6/30/20 Inflammatory and Immune-mediated Skin Disease Fellowship Role: Fellowship director Dermatology Data to Patient Value (DD2PV) The fellowship will train a dermatology resident 50% time in inflammatory and immune-mediated skin disease outcomes research over the 3rd and 4th year of dermatology residency training. 6. NIH 5R01CA206569-02 Supplement Requested through PA18-586 For Diversity Applicant Dr. Cristian Gonzalez PI: Walkosz/Dellavalle 9/1/18-6/30/19 Effort: 1.2 calendar months Diversity supplement for RO1 Sun Safety Ink! The grant will allow for recruitment of an additional 8 Hispanic/Latino tattoo parlors for this grant evaluating implementation of a sun safe educational intervention delivered by tattoo artist to their clients. Role: Co-PI 7. VA Rural Health Grant (Co-PI Dunnick & Dellavalle) 10/1/2016-9/30/19 Effort: 1.2 calendar months Rural Health Grant for VA Teledermatology The grant provides for teledermatology reading for rural veteran dermatology teleconsults in the Eastern Colorado Health Care System. Role: Co-PI 8. NHS National institute for Health Research (Co-PIs Boyle and Dellavalle) Evaluation, Trials, and Studies Coordinating Centre NIHR Cochrane Review Group Infrastructure Award 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2020 Effort: 2 calendar months Cochrane Skin The grant supports the infrastructure of Cochrane Skin ( which produces systematic reviews to support evidence-based health care decision making. Role: Co-PI GRANTS funded for planning: VA Cooperative Studies Program CSP2019 (Co-principal proponents: Weinstock, Dellavalle) "Topical Chemoprevention of Keratinocyte Carcinoma (ToCKC) Trial" 2/13/2019-2/12/2020 Effort: 0.5 calendar months SUBMITTED: NIAMS R13 Conference Grant PI: Dellavalle 10/1/19-9/30/20 Effort: in kind Comparative-Effectiveness Research: US Satellite Cochrane Skin Group Annual Meeting The grant funds the organization, dissemination and evaluation of the 2020 annual meeting of the Cochrane Collaboration Skin Group in Aurora, Colorado, in March 2020, where leading US dermatologists met to discuss collaborative comparative–effectiveness research. NHS National institute for Health Research (Co-PIs Boyle and Dellavalle) Evaluation, Trials, and Studies Coordinating Centre NIHR Cochrane Review Group Infrastructure Award 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2023 Effort: 2 months Cochrane Skin The grant supports the infrastructure of Cochrane Skin ( which produces systematic reviews to support evidence-based health care decision making. Role: Co-PI COMPLETED GRANTS: 1. American Association for Acne & Rosacea (PI: Dellavalle, Resident: Aksut) 3/1/17-12/30/18 Pilot grant Role: PI Global Characterization of Systemic Antibiotic Use for Acne The project uses the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) Collaborative ( collaboration to characterize systemic antibiotic use for acne globally. 2. University of Colorado School of Medicine 2017 Quality Improvement Projects (Sabrina Newman, MD; Roberta Capp, MD; Theodore Alkousakis, MD; Robert Dellavalle, MD, PhD; Lindsay Boyers, MD; Jenna Peart, MD) 8/1/17-7/31/18 Role: Co-investigator The Reliability and Feasibility of Teledermatology to Diagnose and Triage Patients Referred from the Emergency Department to Outpatient Dermatology The grant will examine the effectiveness of teledermatology to diagnose and triage patients referred from the emergency department to outpatient dermatology at the University of Colorado. 3. WI227190 Pfizer ASPIRE Grant (Dellavalle) 10/1/17-12/1/18 2.4 months Pfizer Independent Grants Role: PI Comprehensive Decision Aids for Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) The grant will create a patient decision aid for HS therapy, pilot this tool, and provide it openly via the Colorado Dermatologic Society website. 4. 17-93215 Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment (Crane) 10/01/16-06/30/18 Role: Skin Cancer Prevention Specialist Multi-Component, Campus-Wide Programs to Reduce Environmental, Policy, and Behavioral Risks for Skin Cancer at Colleges and Universities in Colorado The goals of the project are to improve sun protection practices and reduce indoor tanning and other UV exposure risk behaviors among young adults in Colorado. We will engage 10 Colorado campuses in a sustainable multi-component, campus-wide skin cancer prevention initiative addressing key environmental, policy, educational, and attitudinal factors related to sun protection and UV exposure. The program is based on a nationwide initiative for sustainably reducing skin cancer risks on college campuses and incorporates evidence-based intervention and educational strategies from scientific research on appearance-based skin cancer prevention tools for young adults. 5. R13AR069984 (Dellavalle and Walkosz) 09/01/16-8-08/31/17 NIAMS Role: Co-PI Conference Grant for the 7th International Congress of Dermatoepidemiology 9/28-30/16, Aurora, CO The grant supported bringing the International Congress of Dermato-epidemiology to the US for the first time in its 22-year history with a theme highlighting Global Dermatoepidemiology and Skin Aging. 6. 24067701 Independent Grants for Learning & Change (Dellavalle) 5/23/16-6/1/17 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Role: PI Comprehensive Decision Aids for Psoriasis and Acne Patients The grant will create patient decision aids for acne and psoriasis and provide these open access tools via the Colorado Dermatologic Society website. 7. Cancer League of Colorado (Box, Crane, Dellavalle) 7/1/15-6/30/17 Role: Co-PI Pilot Grant: UV photography results over time in a cohort of Colorado Teenagers The grant funds the follow up evaluation of facial skin UV damage by UV photography in a cohort of Colorado 17-year-old children first photographed at age 13.

b) Had paid consultancies: any paid work, consulting fees (in cash or kind) from a related organisation?
Yes - Medical consultant for Altus Labs vested in stock with reimbursement for meeting expenses. Received editorial stipends from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (Podcast Editor) and the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (Social Media Editor).

c) Received honoraria: one-time payments (in cash or kind) from a related organisation?
Yes - Honorarium received from Brown University for delivering Dermatology Grand Rounds lecture in 2019.

d) Served as a director, officer, partner, trustee, employee or held a position of management with a related organisation?
Yes - Employee of the University of Colorado and US Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

e) Possessed share-holdings, stock, stock options, equity with a related organisation (excludes mutual funds or similar arrangements where the individual has no control over the selection of the shares)?
Yes - Medical consultant for Altus Labs vested in stock.

f) Received personal gifts from a related organisation?

g) Had an outstanding loan with a related organisation?

h) Received royalty payments from a related organisation?
Yes - Royalties received from Wolters Kluwer (UpToDate Dermatology Section Editor) and Wiley (Section Editor Evidence Based Dermatology).

2. Do you have any other competing interests that could pose a conflict of interest that would reasonably appear to be related to the primary interest?