Conflict of interest declaration: Anne B Chang

Updated on: 24 February 2022

Roles in: Airways Group

1. In the past 36 months have you accepted the following from a commercial organisation with a financial interest in the broad topic area of the CRG?

a) Support for attending meetings, including sabbaticals and study tours (this covers travel, accommodation and/or hospitality)?
Yes - Invited speaker with flights (sometimes part) and accommodation paid for multiple scientific meetings organised by: American Thoracic Society, American Academy of Pediatrics, Malaysian Thoracic Society, Imperial college (London Cough symposium), Colombia Pediatric Thoracic Society, Asia Pacific Society of Respirology, Italian Pediatric and Respiratory Society, American Pediatric Academy with Canadian Pediatric Society, Philippines Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologists, International Congress on Pediatric Pulmonology (CIPP), International Cough Conference (China), International Congress of Paediatrics, National University of Singapore, Premier Pulmonology for the Paediatricians of the ASEAN region, Asian Society for Pediatric Research, American College of Chest Physicians, Korean Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Respiratory Diseases. The sole pharmaceutical company sponsored flights and accommodation paid I have accepted was from Johnston & Johnston (China) where my talk did not involve any of their products over 5 years ago.

b) Payment or honoraria for lectures, presentations, speakers bureaus, manuscript writing, or educational events?

c) Fees for organising education?

d) Grants and contracts?
Yes - Multiple national and state grants from government (NHMRC) and philanthropy organisations (all peer reviewed).

e) Funds for a member of staff?

f) Fees for consulting?
Yes - Advisor for study design of an unlicensed product (Merck). Monies go to my institution.

g) Royalty or licences payments?
Yes - Up to date and BMJ knwoledge series

h) Payment for expert testimony?

i) Payment for a fellowship?
Yes - I am an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Senior Practitioner Fellow.

j) Payment for participation on a Data Safety Monitoring Board, Advisory Board, or Guideline Panel?
Yes - Data safety monitoring board for two vaccine studies (Glaxo and Moderna) that are as yet unlicensed for their intended use.

k) Payment for a leadership or other fiduciary role in other board, society, committee, or advocacy group?

2. In the past 36 months have you, your spouse/partner or an immediate family member been employed by or do you or they own a commercial organization with a financial interest in the broad topic area of the CRG?

3. Do you own stocks or shares in a commercial organization with a financial interest in the broad topic area of the CRG?

4. Do you hold any patents (planned, issued or pending) for products relevant to the broad topic area of the CRG?

5. Do you have any other competing interests (financial or non-financial)?
Yes - Potential intellectual conflict (author in areas of interest). I have no financial conflicts