Conflict of interest declaration: Jasvinder A Singh

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Updated on: 23 February 2022

Roles in: Musculoskeletal Group

1. In the past 36 months have you accepted the following from a commercial organisation with a financial interest in the broad topic area of the Group/Unit?

a) Support for attending meetings, including sabbaticals and study tours (this covers travel, accommodation and/or hospitality)?

b) Payment or honoraria for lectures, presentations, speaker bureaus, manuscript writing, or educational events?
Yes - Simply Speaking, Practice Point Communications (>$10k total)

c) Fees for organising education?

d) Grants and contracts?

e) Funds for a member of staff?

f) Fees for consulting?
Yes - Horizon, consulting fees (<$10k total)

g) Royalty or licences payments?

h) Payment for expert testimony?

i) Payment for a fellowship?

j) Payment for participation on a Data Safety Monitoring Board, Advisory Board, or Guideline Panel?
Yes - ACR RA, Psoriatic arthritis, Peri-operative management, and gout guideline panels

k) Payment for a leadership or other fiduciary role in other board, society, committee, or advocacy group?

2. In the past 36 months have you, your spouse/partner or an immediate family member been employed by or do you or they own a commercial organization with a financial interest in the broad topic area of the Group/Unit?

3. Do you own stocks or shares in a commercial organization with a financial interest in the broad topic area of the Group/Unit?
Yes - JAS owns stock options in TPT Global Tech, Vaxart pharmaceuticals, Atyu biopharma, Adaptimmune Therapeutics, GeoVax Labs, Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Enzolytics Inc., Seres Therapeutics, Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp., and Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. JAS previously owned stock options in Amarin, Viking, and Moderna pharmaceuticals.

4. Do you hold any patents (planned, issued or pending) for products relevant to the broad topic area of the Group/Unit?

5. Do you have any other competing interests (financial or non-financial)?
Yes - Consulting fees from Schipher, Crealta/Horizon, Medisys, Fidia, PK Med, Two labs Inc., Adept Field Solutions, Clinical Care options, Clearview healthcare partners, Putnam associates, Focus forward, Navigant consulting, Spherix, MedIQ, Jupiter Life Science, UBM LLC, Trio Health, Medscape, WebMD, and Practice Point communications; and the National Institutes of Health (<$10k total each), and The American College of Rheumatology (>$10k total). JAS is a member of the executive of Outcomes Measures in Rheumatology (OMERACT), an organization that develops outcome measures in rheumatology and receives arms-length funding from 12 companies. JAS serves on the FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee. JAS is the chair of the Veterans Affairs Rheumatology Field Advisory Committee. JAS is the editor and the Director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Cochrane Musculoskeletal Group Satellite Center on Network Meta-analysis. JAS previously served as a member of the following committees: member, the American College of Rheumatology's (ACR) Annual Meeting Planning Committee (AMPC) and Quality of Care Committees, the Chair of the ACR Meet-the-Professor, Workshop and Study Group Subcommittee, and the co-chair of the ACR Criteria and Response Criteria subcommittee.