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Group Name Roles Updated on
Cystic Fibrosis and Genetic Disorders Group Aidan Ryan Editor 15 Feb 2021
Alan R Smyth Co-ordinating Editor 23 Feb 2022
Alfonso Iorio Editor 18 Jul 2021
Felix Ratjen Editor 12 Mar 2020
Gerry Dolan Feedback Editor Not submitted
Iain Stewart Statistician 31 Mar 2021
Ian R Hambleton Editor 23 Feb 2022
Jo Howard Feedback Editor Not submitted
Karen A Robinson Editor 24 Feb 2022
Kevin W Southern Editor 23 Feb 2022
Kofi A Anie Editor 23 Feb 2021
Larry C Lands Feedback Editor Not submitted
Lisa Morrison Editor 9 Mar 2022
Mariane de Montalembert Editor 20 Feb 2017
Mark J Sharrard Feedback Editor Not submitted
Michael Makris Editor 26 Mar 2016
Natalie Hall Information Specialist 3 Mar 2022
Nikki Jahnke Managing Editor 8 Mar 2022
Peter Wark Editor Not submitted
Samir K Ballas Editor 23 Nov 2021
Sherie Smith Assistant Managing Editor 23 Feb 2022
Tracey Remmington Managing Editor, Feedback Editor 3 Mar 2022
Valerie Waters Editor 3 Jun 2020