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Group Group type Name Updated on
Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina Affiliate Filipa Markotic 12 Jun 2019
Cochrane Hong Kong Affiliate Wai Tong Chien 04 Mar 2020
Cochrane Romania Affiliate Lucian Puscasiu 03 Mar 2020
Cochrane US (AcademyHealth) Affiliate Michael Gluck 13 May 2020
Cochrane US (American College of Physicians) Affiliate Amir Qaseem 06 Mar 2020
Cochrane US (Mayo Clinic Evidence-based Practice Center) Affiliate M Hassan Murad 16 Mar 2020
Cochrane US (U.S. GRADE Network) Affiliate M Hassan Murad 16 Mar 2020
Rebecca L Morgan 28 Apr 2020
Cochrane US (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus) Affiliate Patricia C Heyn 05 Mar 2020
Cochrane US (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center) Affiliate Maria E Suarez-Almazor 13 May 2020