Conflict of interest declaration: Mona Nasser

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Updated on: 27 May 2020

Roles in: Scientific Committee

1. Financial interests

a) Received research funding: any grant, contract or gift, commissioned research, or fellowship from The Cochrane Collaboration or a related organisation (i.e. any organisation related to health care or medical research) to conduct research?
Yes - Cochrane prioritisation fund, NIHR, Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise, Public Health Wales, EU cost action, university of Plymouth. EU Marie curie ITN, Dental Education and Training limited, GMC, NICE, NHS North Devon, Shahid Beheshti university of Medical sciences

b) Had paid consultancies: any paid work, consulting fees (in cash or kind) from a related organisation?
Yes - World Health Organisation, IQWIG

c) Received honoraria: one-time payments (in cash or kind) from a related organisation?
Yes - University of Western Australia, Bond University, Nijmegen University, Oxford publisher

d) Served as a director, officer, partner, trustee, employee or held a position of management with a related organisation?
Yes - Cochrane, evidence based research network, IQWIG, shahid beheshti university day f medical sciences, Tehran university of medical sciences, IADR EBD network,

e) Possessed share-holdings, stock, stock options, equity with a related organisation (excludes mutual funds or similar arrangements where the individual has no control over the selection of the shares)?

f) Received personal gifts from a related organisation?

g) Had an outstanding loan with a related organisation?

h) Received royalty payments from a related organisation?

2. Do you have any other competing interests that could pose a conflict of interest that would reasonably appear to be related to the primary interest?