Financial & Resource Monitoring of Groups

Financial and Resource Monitoring of Cochrane Groups takes place annually. 

The information provided by Groups supports an organization-wide data-gathering exercise that gives a picture of Cochrane’s overall ‘financial health’.

  • It enables the Governing Board and Central Executive Team to provide information to the public about who funds Cochrane, the collective monetary cost of the organization’s work, and the number of people involved in Group activities.
  • It supports the preparation of statistics about Groups in order to benchmark operations and identify best practice.
  • It identifies whether Groups are operating sustainably, highlighting any actual or potential resource issues.

Given its important purpose, monitoring is mandatory for all Groups, including Affiliates and Satellites. Non-responding Groups may be de-registered at the discretion of the Governing Board within six months of the stated deadline each year.

All information provided by Groups during monitoring will be treated in accordance with Cochrane's Privacy Policy.

Personal information: The name and contact details of the person completing the form are requested to enable the Central Executive Team to query the information provided. These details will not be shared.  

Cochrane Group information: Information about Groups will be published in aggregate on Cochrane's websites and print publications. Information about individual Groups will not be available to the public but will be shared with Cochrane's Senior Management Team and Cochrane's Governing Board.