Cochrane Groups Reporting

An official Cochrane policy. Last updated August 2021.

Cochrane Groups Reporting takes place annually, usually between April and June.

The information Groups provide:

  • surfaces important information that allows Cochrane Groups, the Governing Board and Central Executive Team to inform strategic priorities and decisions,
  • allows to identify risks and opportunities,
  • helps demonstrate our collective outputs and impact to funders and the public, and
  • allows to inform the public about who funds Cochrane, the collective cost of, and the people involved in the organization’s work.

All registered Cochrane Groups complete the annual reporting. This includes Fields, Geographic Centres, Associates and Affiliates, Methods Groups, Review Groups (CRGs) and CRG Satellites. Groups who do not report may be de-registered at the discretion of the Governing Board within six months of the stated deadline each year.

All information Groups provide as part of their reporting is treated in accordance with Cochrane's Privacy Policy.