2020 Cochrane Groups Financial & Resources Reporting

151 Cochrane Groups reported on their finances and resources in 2020.

Download a summary report

The report includes analyses of our Groups overall direct income from 2019, type of income, funding sources, anticipated changes to funding, human resources, distribution and range of resources by Group type, and geographic distribution of resources. It does not include detailed information from specific Groups or funders, but those data have been shared with Cochrane’s Governing Board and Senior Management Team (SMT).

The information Groups provided has been used as follows:

  • The report has been shared with the Cochrane Council for discussion with the Cochrane Group Executives, and the Council has been invited to report back any comments and recommendations to the Governing Board.
  • The Governing Board and SMT have used the data to inform ongoing strategic planning including our open access ambitions, fundraising plans, and the ongoing review & reorganisation.
  • A list of all funders indicated by Cochrane Groups has been published on cochrane.org and will be in the forthcoming 2020 Annual Review.
  • The optional data Groups provided on the type of reporting their funders expect of them and value, and the type of data Groups would find useful to assess their impact and to improve their work, has been used to inform the development of strategic monitoring and evaluation.
  • The learnings from the process have been taken into account to improve communications and data collection of the next reporting.

If you have any queries about the report, please email support@cochrane.org.