Co-ordinating Editor appointment procedure

1. Overview of the Co-ordinating Editor role

The Co-ordinating Editor of a Cochrane Review Group (CRG) is responsible for ensuring that the group delivers high quality, relevant Cochrane systematic reviews within the group’s scope.  It is a pivotal leadership role within the group which may be fulfilled by either a single Co-ordinating Editor or two Joint Co-ordinating Editors. The Co-ordinating Editor ensures adequate funding is available to support CRG activity, ensures that CRG team members have the right skills and knowledge, strive to deliver a high quality author experience, actively engages with the relevant CRG Network, and plays a key role determining the strategic direction of the CRG.

Co-ordinating Editors need to ensure that they have a viable succession plan in place as they approach the end of their tenure. To this end CRGs may appoint a Deputy Co-ordinating Editor to assist the Co-ordinating Editor in fulfilling their role; however, the appointment of a Deputy Co-ordinating Editor does not require review by the Editorial Board as outlined in this document.

In line with Cochrane’s strategy, the Co-ordinating Editor and Network Senior Editor support the Editor in Chief of the Cochrane Library to ensure that the Cochrane Library maintains its reputation as the international source of trustworthy, independent and relevant information to guide healthcare decisions.

2. Eligibility

The Co-ordinating Editor should have experience of authoring and editing Cochrane Reviews in addition to relevant content expertise.

The Co-ordinating Editor will be required to sign the Collaboration Agreement, and will need to demonstrate their capacity to commit at least 0.1 FTE to the activities of the Group, and preferably more. The FTE for Joint Co-ordinating Editors should also be at least 0.1 FTE each.

Potential applicants should familiarise themselves with Cochrane Conflict of Interest Policy and be free of relevant financial conflicts of interest.

View the full job description and person specification. This job description is applicable to a single Co-ordinating editor or two Joint Co-ordinating Editors but does not apply to a Deputy Co-ordinating Editor since they may be assigned more specific job duties within a CRG.

3. Appointment procedure

When feasible, Co-ordinating Editors stepping down from their role or appointing a new Joint Co-ordinating Editor should notify the Network Senior Editor and Cochrane Editor in Chief six months prior to their leaving date, so that all relevant processes can be followed.
The official notification process requires the CRG Co-ordinating Editor to nominate a candidate to replace them. Open advertisement for applications from within the existing Cochrane community and beyond is encouraged.

Candidates standing for appointment must submit a Declaration of Interest form, a cover letter responding to the person specification, and an academic Curriculum Vitae that includes a list of publications and sources of research funding to the Network Senior Editor when applying for the role.

The CRG Network Senior Editor will present the proposed new Co-Ed to the Editorial Board for their consideration and recommendation to the Editor in Chief.