Fundraising is supported by the central team in Cochrane and we have developed a series of resources to support Cochrane Groups in accessing funding, getting support from the central team, as well as ensuring that Cochrane is mindful of existing funding relationships.

Funding Support

If you require any funding support from The Central Executive Team, please complete this form and email it to Kathelene Weiss, Development Co-ordinator. We aim to respond to requests within a week of receiving this form

Please note: although we will do our best to respond to your needs and support you in your fundraising endeavours, our engagement will depend on other grant applications and priorities already ongoing at the time we receive your request.

Funding resources

  • Finding new funding sources
  • From September 2015 till December 2016, Cochrane made a considerable investment in EU fundraising. Various calls were pursued, a Cochrane EU Working Group set up and an EU fundraiser recruited. Following Brexit, and the possible implications this would have on all UK based Cochrane Groups as well as Cochrane CET, we have decided to pause this investment for a while. An After Action Review was carried out and discussed within the Cochrane EU Working Group. The slides summarise the work carried out, the challenges faced and the reflections from the EU Working Group on possible ways forward. We are open to suggestions regarding specific calls you feel we should be pursuing, as well as any other thought about how Cochrane can best use EU fundraising opportunities. After Action Review: EU Fundraising
  • Blog post: Funding opportunities at the European level
  • Webinar: Fundraising Basics


Kathelene Weiss - Development Co-ordinator

I am a fundraising professional with more than 15 years expertise in both the UK and USA in generating revenue and developing new income sources. I am an articulate and persuasive relationship and stakeholder manager who has excelled at building sustainable partnerships between businesses, the education sector, government, private individuals and the cultural and charitable sectors. I bring with me over 10 years in senior roles and a true passion for the fundraising profession. Recent roles have included Director of Development for COHRED, a Geneva based NGO that works to build research capacity in low and middle income countries, and Director of Oxford Inspires, the cultural development agency in Oxfordshire, UK.


Sylvia de Haan - Senior Advisor (Centres, Partnerships and Fundraising)

My role is to facilitate external partnership development for Cochrane. This includes managing strategic partnerships for Cochrane with the World Health Organization, Wikipedia, Joanna Briggs Institute, G-I-N, Campbell, and others. I also work with Cochrane Groups to help them create partnerships in their sphere of influence. I am trying to find opportunities, create links and connect people so that Cochrane's work (producing reviews; developing methods; training people) gets used in global public health policy making. While my primary focus is maintaining and strengthening existing partnerships, I also keep an eye on other partnerships that Cochrane can develop, primarily again aiming at advocating the use of our evidence by external partners.

For more information about Cochrane’s partnership please visit the partnership pages.